Dinas Porthladd Masnach


Kill him...

Pilin awakes the following morning in the forest and quickly seeks out a vantage point from which to observe the sahaugin that his quest mentions.

During those hours in which Pilin is observing, the other investigators are at work. They seek out the man who claims to make concrete with sufficient strength and quantity so as to build a wall around the slums and gate it off from the merchant district.

The investigators and the red felon easily find the man on the other side of the merchant district, across the slums. When it is revealed that the man is a liar and a cheat, however, using false materials in the construction of concrete (he is calling sawdust the powder of a unicorn horn) red lashes out and attacks him. The old mixer from Gyfraith ducks behind a concrete wall (an example for potential customers to examine) saving his life and cutting short the effectiveness of the felon’s first spell. Both Lee and Belladone immediately restrain the felon, but not before he unleashes a second spell, one which nearly kills the feeble old man. Belladone punches the felon with a sneak attack (somehow) and knocks him unconscious.

Pilin feels that his observations of the sahaugin, having learned that they appear weary and somewhat weak, though great in number, are sufficient, stepping out from his vantage point and approaching them. In the process of introducing himself Pilin lets slip that he is an adventurer. The group’s chief, the only one who understands common tongue, orders his weary compatriots to kill Pilin. Pilin rushes away, back towards the city, and the sahuagin don’t bother to follow, considering him a waste of their time.



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