Dinas Porthladd Masnach


Confusion at its best

Captain Mariel Thorne seems to be more perplexing than first anticipated. Claiming that the trio is in her debt she sets loose her remaining henchgoblins, now better armored and prepared, upon them. The fight is fierce, Laica Pilin having been severely injured by a single wound from Thorne’s rapier, Brand.

After some time, the final goblins are dispatched with, and Thorne informs the trio that she won’t be able to set sail for another week now, being in need of a crew, and being forbidden the use of the trio in her crew by some strange entity. Instead Thorne delivers the trio a puzzle, one which is promptly solved, giving the Gladius “Brilliance” to Belladone.

Pilin, however, searched through the home, and found various items, items which may tell a story yet unheard by the bar. The trio begins to set off back to Porthladd Masnach.


I wouldn’t exactly say that the chest puzzle was solved promptly…


Kind of took me getting cursed…


It was solved more promptly than the trap. Time wise- this one only took you guys ten minutes, max. the trap took much, much longer.


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