Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Custom Orders and Reinforcements

Can I kill them now?

Lee and Belladone drag the red felon’s body through the streets back to their headquarters, where they throw him into a large red box filled with older manuscripts ready for review. The jarhead informs the investigators of the merchant from before having come back to check on the progress of the quest, and of his imminent return the following morning. The felon is then gagged and tied up so that he can’t get out of the box. Belladone leaves for the Eastern Merchant District to order a custom weapon from the local master smiths.

En route to the shop, Belladone meets with Pilin, who returned to the city via secret entrance. They exchange few words before Pilin goes back to headquarters and Belladone continues on his way.

When Belladone returns the Investigators discuss what to do about the sahaugin and the merchant. It is determined to tell the merchant the truth about the concrete, and how it lacks in actual magical components, but is still an extremely hardy substance. Furthermore it is determined that the entire group would leave in the morning to deal with the sahaugin, though the investigators still hope for peaceful negotiations.

After the discussion on the situation of the quests, Pilin leaves and goes to that same shop from which Belladone ordered a custom weapon so that he may order a custom set of armor. Pilin returns to headquarters and all rest for the night.



Instructions are left with the jarhead for what to tell the merchant upon his arrival, and the group leaves to deal with the sahaugin. The red felon is unbound and brought along.

During negotiations with the sahaugin it is discovered that the sahaugin worship the same deity as the red felon, Macannon Mac Lir (lawful neutral), and communicates with them in the same fashion as the red felon, speaking weapons which only the bearer may hear. After learning that the sahaugin have plans to sack the city the red felon is granted permission by Mac Lir to attack in frenzy…



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