Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Greyhaunt Investigator

First day on the job! #JarLife

Commanded by his deity to protect the city, the red robed drow is asked by the Warden to join the trio who he once opposed. The drow says that he’ll consider it, but promptly leaves to buy oil so that he may burn down The Maiden’s Vengeance. Having bought the oil he then goes behind the vengeance and lights fire to it.

The trio is escorted to the Greyhaunt Investigator outpost within the city, where the clerk lets them know that an expeditionary force from the Investigators is about to go and seek out the Ravager force, citing multiple reports of Ravager scouting activity. The trio is hired as full members of the Investigators to manage the affairs of the office while the rest of the Investigators are out against the Ravagers. The clerk trains them each in manners of the office for an hour before retrieving the talking head in a jar from the basement vault to serve as their guide and mentor while he is away.

It does not take long for the “mentor” to lose all illusion of grandeur and be allured by the prospect of Carne (alcohol).

Meanwhile, The Maiden’s Vengeance has been burning. Attempts are made to put out the fire but the it soon grows to be out of control and consumes the entire building, turning it all into rubble and ash by the time that the trio (plus their talking Jarhead) is there. From the ashes rise four monstrous vampiric spiders, as well as the night bartender, a vampire himself. After some quick investigation and forensic magic the Drow is determined to be the culprit, and is brought before the court once again and sentenced to community service, to serve alongside the trio.



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