Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Nice Axe!

Axe Body-Spray (also known as blood)

Ravagers defeated, the trio examines the area, finding very little save the cart full of woolen textiles. Just before taking a full rest, the trio discovers a peculiar axe on one of the Ravagers. Crudely engraved into the flats of the blades is the word Hypocrite, and when hefted by the guardsman it glows with an eerie ruby-red light.
After resting the trio brings the cart back to Porthladd Masnach (sans-equine, the horse being eaten by the Ravagers) and gives it to the frenzied man they encountered earlier that day in exchange for a map which leads to an old, old armory. Once paid at The Maiden’s Vengeance, and having sold the spare great-axes, the trio leaves town once more in search of Goblin encampments.
Upon finding the encampment the trio is greeted by an elderly goblin chieftain. He tells them of why the goblins are so numerous of late, citing “try-outs” from a captain woman bearing a “shiny” rapier, and points the trio in what he recalls is the right direction. When the trio leaves, he grants them a word of warning, “Not all goblin tribes are so peaceful, be careful!”



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