Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Pilin Spree

Laica Pilin travels in the night whilst his compatriots slumber.

First he travels to the burnt remnants of The Maiden’s Vengeance. Speaking at length with the bartender, he learns of the man’s past life, and is given a magic bow that the bartender once used in exchange for a remnant of the old adventurer’s life. The bow given is referred to as Liv’s Shatterbow, as it supposedly once belonged to the old man’s wife, long ago.

Having set off his purpose for a day, Pilin returns to the smith’s shop in the merchant district in the dead of night. Originally supposing to sneak in and steal arrows, Pilin realizes that he is less successful than he would rather be and grabs what he can in the melee that is his escape from city guardsmen.

Pilin returns to the Investigator headquarters and finds a quest outside the city to do in an attempt to lie low. Belladone wakes and questions Pilin regarding the night’s activities, and obtains very little information. Pilin rushes outside the city gates and takes shelter in the forest for the night.

In the morning, the Investigators remaining at headquarters are approached by a merchant who requests that they investigate a man who claims to be able to make Gyfraith style concrete, but using powdered unicorn horn.



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