Dinas Porthladd Masnach


The trio seeks out Mary Gasket, the woman crying out to all who will listen that Ravagers are coming to Porthladd Masnach. Mary regales her tale of how she saw an encampment of Ravagers while approaching, and the trio only really listens once she mentions that she’ll pay them just for checking (how foolish the ignorant are). The trio then proceeds to visit the Greyhaunt Investigators to determine if there are any worthwhile bounties to seek out while outside the city. The Investigators tell the trio of a large gathering of Goblins and assigns them to work on the bounty.
Once outside the city gates, the trio travels for a spell before they encounter a farmer, pleading for help and assistance, asking the trio to rescue his cart of woolen textiles. Having determined that the Ravagers may actually be near, the trio sets off to obtain the cart of goods and finds a small encampent where three Ravagers sit around the fire. Both Belladone and Pilin take to the trees while the guardsman waits in the shadows for the Ravagers to come near, and then they strike.
The Ravagers are not so easily defeated, however, and all their efforts have yet to be successful in saving themselves from this encounter.



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