Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Red v. Green

Venison, Denial, and Blood Red Robes

Whilst returning from the house where Captain Thorne hosted her auditions for whatever reason, Pilin sees a deer and slays it in a single shot. The carcass is prepared for travel and the trio daydreams of eating Venison tonight.

Once within the city (after an encounter with a less than desirable guard who chooses to favor the wrong tavern) the trio seeks out the Greyhaunt Investigator headquarters. In front of the headquarters, however, is a mob of wealthy merchants complaining about the taxes being levied to pay for the Greyhaunt and its adventurers, claiming that there isn’t sufficient threat for the Greyhaunt to be necessary. After some convincing, the mob finally relents.

The trio speaks with the presiding clerk about the events which transpired in the forest and discovers some information regarding the mysterious Captain Mariel Thorne. The Clerk, seeming worried, tells the trio to return in the morning for the possibility of more work, and directs the trio to The Maiden’s Vengeance to sell the carcass and have it made into food for their weary bodies.

Those who normally frequent The Vengeance are missing when the trio arrives. Some small negotiations are held between the bartender, an expert butcher and chef, and Pilin, resulting in a happy arrangement for all. Having been told the the Venison would take some time to prepare, Pilin leaves the establishment and sees a humanoid wearing robes the color of blood. Pilin wastes no time in calling out to him and promptly leaving.

Pilin leaves, and unbeknownst to him, the robed man follows, who is also unaware that Lee (the guardsman) and Belladone are following him. Just before going about his robbing business, Pilin notices the robed man, a Drow elf. The two have a stare-off, each party inching closer throughout, before Pilin knocks an arrow and fires it into the robed drow’s thigh.


Longest stand-off ever, and the most futile.

Red v. Green

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