Dinas Porthladd Masnach


"Oh, hello there."

Having obtained a rudimentary map from the goblin chieftain, the trio finally leaves the goblin encampment. On the path back, however, the trio is ambushed. Despite Belladone’s best efforts, he finds that killing is far easier than it would seem to be.
After the ambush two goblins are left alive, though barely, and sitting in a puddle made mostly from their own blood. On the goblins the trio finds a far more advanced map, outlining all of the necessary details about each goblin encampment and giving directions to the residence where the captain is holding trials.
Upon arrival at the residence, the trio finds it to be an old home that was unfortunately affected by the chaos of Hunllef. Stepping up to the household the trio is stopped by a tripwire, many tripwires, in fact, which connect to a bell. While at first bamboozled, the trio determines a method to disable the alarming trap (there were fancy acrobatics involved).
The tripwire dealt with, the hapless trio ventures forth to the residence and examines it carefully, discovering the locations of each goblin (as far as they can tell) before a precision strike. Three of the four goblins are quickly dealt with, while the fourth runs from the room and into another. Entering the room, the trio is surprised to discover a human woman, the captain, inside with another goblin. The captain, unperturbed, simply says, “Oh, hello there.”



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