Pompey Maxima

The Warden


Powerful enough to kill you, The Warden is a trained and seasoned veteran, having honed his skills after years and years of fighting thugs and assassins alike.


The Warden is an office held by the captain of the guard within Porthladd Masnach, second only to the baron. In absence of the baron a Warden assumes the baron’s responsibilities as well. Pompey, the current Warden, has been the warden for forty-five years, and so has grown old and powerful within the position. The first twenty years he served as the Warden because it was assumed that the Baron and his family had been killed entirely. Porthladd Masnach became extremely wealthy and orderly during this time. The king, reigning from Dinas Antur, found a suitable man after ten years to become the new baron. Originally Pompey was angry, but soon became delighted to know that his new Baron was just as devoted as he was to maintaining order and peace. They had an excellent relationship, up until fifteen years ago. The Baron turned most of his duties over to the Warden so that he could rejoin the Order of Illumination and fight back the quickly spreading chaos. The Baron returns as often as his calling permits, but The Warden has again become the leader of the city. He realizes that he grows older, however, and may eventually relinquish his position so that a younger, better Warden may rise. He has yet to meet such an individual.

Pompey Maxima

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