Ren Belladoné

A neutral-good, half-elf assassin from somewhere in the outlands.


Rogue Level 6, Fighter Level 1

Strength: 13 1]
Dexterity: 18 [
Constitution: 12 1]
Intelligence: 18 [
Wisdom: 9 [-1]
Charisma: 15 [+2]

Proficiency bonus: +3
Saving throws
[ ] Strength 1
[X] Dexterity 7
[ ] Constitution 1
[X] Intelligence 7
[ ] Wisdom -1
[ ] Charisma 2

Skills (E denotes expertise)
[X] Acrobatics 10 E
[ ] Animal Handling -1
[ ] Arcana 4
[X] Athletics 7 E
[X] Deception 5
[ ] History 4
[ ] Insight -1
[ ] Intimidation 2
[X] Investigation 7
[ ] Medicine -1
[ ] Nature 4
[X] Perception 5 E
[ ] Performance 2
[ ] Persuasion 2
[ ] Religion 4
[X] Sleight of Hand 7
[X] Stealth 10 E
[X] Survival 2

Armor Class 15
Initiative 19
Speed 30
Max hit points 38
Hit Dice 6d8

Rapier: 7 / 1d84
Shortbow: 7 / 1d6 +4
(2x) Dagger: +7 / 1d4
“Brilliance”: 9 / 1D6 + 1D6 (Light) +4
“Ottenok”: +7/ 1d4
Shatterbow: 10/ 1d84 (1d 8 vs chaotic)
Hand Crossbow: +8/ 1d6

Features and traits
Dark Vision
Fey Ancestry
Sneak Attack (+3D6)
Thieves’ Cant
Cunning Action
Uncanny Dodge
Two-weapon fighting
Second Wind

Other proficiencies & languages
Light Armor
Medium armor
Simple Weapons
Marital weapons
Hand Crossbows
Thieves’ tools
Disguise Kit
Poisoner’s Kit

CP: 0
SP: 6
EP: 0
GP: 142
PP: 20

Arrow: 16
Dungeoneer’s Pack
Leather Armor
2 Daggers
Thieves’ Tools
Traveler’s Clothes
Grappling Hook

Total Kills / Icapacitations


A Semi-Summarized version of Ren’s backstory

“What is a man? A miserable little pile of secret! But enough talk, have at you!” I read aloud to my friends the day of… but wait, I think I’ve forgotten something. I am Ren Belladoné, half-elf wandering assassin from some far off place, it doesn’t matter too much to you. I didn’t have too many good friends growing up, in fact, the only two were Gaius and Nora Valkier, who were siblings to each other and neighbors to me. I was just reading out in front of my home, when Nora, the much more outgoing one, came up to ask me what I was reading. In short, we ended up all becoming good friends.
We did a lot of things kids would usually do, like climbing around, pretending to fight, and stealing sweets from our parents (though that last one was much more frequent with Gaius). Over time, I ended up reading some of my stories to them, and they always seemed to enjoy it, which proved to be a good way of keeping us all occupied without nearly breaking a leg or being scolded for taking more cookies.
Eventually, we grew up and started to actually fight things. Gaius and I went for a more stealthy, bladed fighting style, while Nora chose to use a technique that was admittedly rather simple: hit things with a big hammer until it dies. Many people found her insanity to be off-putting, especially when she was armed, but for some reason, I liked her more for her probable mid-level insanity.
So, back to earlier, I found a strange book after reading a part of this story called Symphony of the Night. I was just walking in the forest, pretty much just thinking, when I found this moderately fancy-looking tome just sitting under a bush. I tried reading it, but the language it was written in was completely unknown to me. Despite not having a clue as to what in the world this book was about, I took it with me. Better than letting it slowly be destroyed in the wilderness.
Then a somewhat larger than average snake happened.
I didn’t have any sort of weapon available to me (aside from the book, which I really didn’t want to get snake blood on), so I tried to back away from it so it would try to strike me. Unfortunately, I tripped on a nut or root or something and fell. The snake was about to bite me with its poisonous fangs, when suddenly it was squashed and sort of half-exploded by someone. Someone with a hammer, who then poked my nose while saying “Boop.”
“Nora? Why are you here?”
“I was following you. Killed that snake for you.”
“Why were you following me?”
“I, don’t know, no reason. What’s that book?”
“I don’t know. I’m going home”
“Wait! We need to come up with some sort of signal we can use when we’re in trouble. Can you imitate a sloth?”
“Nora; I don’t think sloths really make any sort of noise.”
“It’ll be perfect! Nobody will expect it! I’m going to tell Gaius about our brilliant plan!”
“Nora, wait!” She was already gone. “sigh. What am I going to do with you?”

After I got home, I probably spent days trying to understand what that book was saying, and I did manage to find out what it was saying. However, the way I came to possess this knowledge only confuses me more.
So, one night I was up late studying the text when I fell asleep. Face first into the pages. Then I had a dream (or at least something very much like a dream) where a glowy bluish white figure was trying to talk to me, but I couldn’t understand it. Then I thought, “Hey, this is kind of similar to the whole book case, isn’t it, self?” So I asked,
“Uh, excuse me? I have no idea what you’re saying. I have a book that I was trying to interpret not too long ago. Are you speaking the language it is written in?”
It seemed a bit confused for a second, then made some kind of sound happen for a little while, and I then heard
“Do you understand me now?”
“!! Yes I do. Can I ask you some questions?”
“Maybe later. For now, just try to read that book you picked up again. I’m almost sure you’ll be surprised. Goodbye, and good luck.”
See? Confusing.
Anyhow, I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door (it was morning now, did I mention that?). It was Gaius, and he asked me
“Hey, do you know where Nora’s been? She hasn’t been home for the last couple of nights.
“{No, I haven’t seen… her… what am I speaking?}” “Bleh. No, I haven’t seen Nora. Why did you come to my house to ask me? You’d probably see me later.”
“Well, the two of you have been friends for a while, and she may have said the two of you had a sort of… thing.”
“Yeah, kinda figured she was lying to some extent.”
“Ugh. Well, I guess we should go looking for her.”
“Your search is over, brother and Ren!” Nora does things like this more frequently than you may think.
“Nora? Where were you?”
“How did you get into my house?”
“I’ve been watching you through your window for the last couple of nights, Ren. And this morning , about 10 seconds ago, I came in through that window.”
I replied with my honest thoughts. “That’s… more than a little creepy.”
Then she started her own reply when suddenly a series of loud noises were heard from outside. My natural reaction: grab weapon and investigate the cause.
Some really big… thing (I was told it was some sort of demon) was running about destroying things. I didn’t get a very good look at it, because it began to charge at the three of us. We all dodged it, but as you may already know, houses aren’t particularly good at jumping out of the way of things under pretty much all circumstances.
There was panic. A couple of people died and more were hurt. Some people were shooting at it or throwing random gubbins at it, often missing or not doing anything of any substantial value.
Then, a white-blue light, not unlike the one from my dream, started to shine. Even the monster seemed to stop and look at it. Next, the light produced a ferret-like humanoid which made short work of the thing.
Then, the thing said to me, “{Hello again, half-elf. I thought you needed some help, so… Erm, anyway, I’ve got to go, and…}”
While he was trying to tell me that, I noticed in the background a rather nefarious archer aiming at this strange benefactor. I alerted him, the shot missed, and he began to run at the archer.
However, the archer was able to fire off another shot, not at the ferret-man, but at the crowd of people. More specifically, it was going to hit Nora (I couldn’t tell then, but you’ll understand in a moment). What I did next could be called many things: chivalrous is one word, though crazy may also work. I tackled Nora out of the way, which resulted in me taking an arrow to my left shoulder and being on top of Nora. And of course, she had to make it weird by saying “Hey there” in a very… suggestive… tone of voice.
“Not now, Nora. I’ve been shot, in case you didn’t notice.”
By this point, the ferret had caught the wrong do-er, Gaius was incapable of suppressing a grin of some sort, and I was bleeding a fair bit (I tried to avoid bleeding on my friend, of course. Bit of courtesy). I was rolled onto my back, and Nora pulled the arrow out as gently as she could, which is to say she yanked it out and immediately apologized. Mr. Ferret asked me my name, I replied, and then he told me some less-than-good news:
“{You’ll probably be unconscious shortly. Those arrows had a bit of poisonous substance on the tips. You should live.}”
“Nora; get my stuff. I’m going to not be awake for much longer. The nice ferret told me I should live, so my stuff’s still mine.”
“Whatever you say. And one more thing, Ren, I just needed to say someth-”
Next thing I knew, I was laying on a bed of some kind. It looked like someone’s room, and I knew it wasn’t mine (as you’ll recall, mine was obliterated). I looked over and saw Nora, with a pile of my more important things (i.e. my sword, the shiny book, etc.). She was asleep, and after a few seconds, I heard a familiar voice say
“Looks like I caught you staring at my sister. Thought you said you didn’t have a thing for her”
“I just woke up from a coma. What was I supposed to do besides look around. By the way, where exactly am I?”
“Someone’s room. I’m not saying whose it is, but-”
“Oh, lord, it’s Nora’s isn’t it?”
He grinned a bit, and said, “Nice word, detective. I’m sure you’ve figured this out, but that’s her bed. She really likes you, Ren. Like, a lot. Like, I thought I heard a couple of weird sounds coming from this room before, but last night while you were still knocked out… I don’t think I will ever recover.”
Anyhow, Nora woke up and seemed very upset that I woke up while she was asleep.
“I thought I told you not to get up while I wasn’t watching!”
“How was I supposed to know that? I was unconscious.”
I know I sound upset and disgusted by some of the things she apparently did, but I don’t care as much it sounds that I do. (That sentence sounded wrong, but I can’t be bothered right now.)
“Oh, hey look! Your things that were important that nobody helped me move! I’ve got your nice, long, pointy sword, and that weird book you found…”
Me: “Beautiful.”
Nora: “I know! This thing is really shiny and-”
Me: “Wait, you’re talking about the book?”
And with that, everything started getting better. I am currently still in a relationship with that girl. She’s completely insane, but in a good way. There’s only a couple of reasons why I ventured from my new home (which was with my best friend and girlfriend, as house building is neither easy nor cheap). One: I had to understand that book in greater detail. It was a written record of great people who all had some ties to the god Pellor, sure, but I needed to understand how it got where it was, why I learned a language by sleeping in it, etc. Two: I needed to find a very special gift. It is probably for what you think it will be used for. And three: Uh. Um. A third reason. I never said I was completely sane. Maybe I got a bit of the crazies from someone else.

Ren Belladoné

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