Ren and Nora: on the ship

Some of what Ren was doing on the boat.


Sorry, I just don’t trust anyone else with my characters in this case.

After a brief excursion to the crow’s nest, Ren happened to see someone he knew; somebody he knew very well. Yes, everyone, iiiiiiit’s
“Ren! How have you been? Stab any monsters while I was gone?”
“Yeah. Since I got to Port I’ve accumulated somewhere around 15 to 20 total kills-or at least mostly kills.”
“Nice! Any cool loot?”
“Well, I found a radiant short sword a while back, and then there were some slightly better than average knives I found in the sewers. How about you? You find anything cool recently?”
“Nah, everything at home was already found. That’s part of why I’m here, really. Home got a little boring after a while.”

It continues on like that for a fair while longer, probably with more flirts and whatnot; the author here isn’t very skilled in the field. However, this probably happened at some point:

Ren decided to fall asleep in some nondescript part of the ship, and eventually, Nora found him and woke him up.
“Hey there Ren. Whatcha doin’?”
“Well,I was sleeping…”
“Great, I’ll join you!”
She then proceeds to quite literally jump in next to him. Or on top of him. But not in an inappropriate way. I knew that’s what you were thinking. You dirty-minded Pleb.
Ren, as you may have guessed, was unprepared for this. However, he was unable to speak with the moderately insane woman, as she fell asleep nigh instantaneously. In the end though, both of them were fine with it.

So yes. That’s a piece of miscellaneous information you had no reason to know. As previously mentioned, more did probably happen upon the ship, but writing can be hard. Especially when you also have a research paper directly involving a Shakespeare play your class hasn’t even finished Act IV of yet.


Ren and Nora: on the ship

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