Dinas Porthladd Masnach

Custom Orders and Reinforcements
Can I kill them now?

Lee and Belladone drag the red felon’s body through the streets back to their headquarters, where they throw him into a large red box filled with older manuscripts ready for review. The jarhead informs the investigators of the merchant from before having come back to check on the progress of the quest, and of his imminent return the following morning. The felon is then gagged and tied up so that he can’t get out of the box. Belladone leaves for the Eastern Merchant District to order a custom weapon from the local master smiths.

En route to the shop, Belladone meets with Pilin, who returned to the city via secret entrance. They exchange few words before Pilin goes back to headquarters and Belladone continues on his way.

When Belladone returns the Investigators discuss what to do about the sahaugin and the merchant. It is determined to tell the merchant the truth about the concrete, and how it lacks in actual magical components, but is still an extremely hardy substance. Furthermore it is determined that the entire group would leave in the morning to deal with the sahaugin, though the investigators still hope for peaceful negotiations.

After the discussion on the situation of the quests, Pilin leaves and goes to that same shop from which Belladone ordered a custom weapon so that he may order a custom set of armor. Pilin returns to headquarters and all rest for the night.



Instructions are left with the jarhead for what to tell the merchant upon his arrival, and the group leaves to deal with the sahaugin. The red felon is unbound and brought along.

During negotiations with the sahaugin it is discovered that the sahaugin worship the same deity as the red felon, Macannon Mac Lir (lawful neutral), and communicates with them in the same fashion as the red felon, speaking weapons which only the bearer may hear. After learning that the sahaugin have plans to sack the city the red felon is granted permission by Mac Lir to attack in frenzy…

Kill him...

Pilin awakes the following morning in the forest and quickly seeks out a vantage point from which to observe the sahaugin that his quest mentions.

During those hours in which Pilin is observing, the other investigators are at work. They seek out the man who claims to make concrete with sufficient strength and quantity so as to build a wall around the slums and gate it off from the merchant district.

The investigators and the red felon easily find the man on the other side of the merchant district, across the slums. When it is revealed that the man is a liar and a cheat, however, using false materials in the construction of concrete (he is calling sawdust the powder of a unicorn horn) red lashes out and attacks him. The old mixer from Gyfraith ducks behind a concrete wall (an example for potential customers to examine) saving his life and cutting short the effectiveness of the felon’s first spell. Both Lee and Belladone immediately restrain the felon, but not before he unleashes a second spell, one which nearly kills the feeble old man. Belladone punches the felon with a sneak attack (somehow) and knocks him unconscious.

Pilin feels that his observations of the sahaugin, having learned that they appear weary and somewhat weak, though great in number, are sufficient, stepping out from his vantage point and approaching them. In the process of introducing himself Pilin lets slip that he is an adventurer. The group’s chief, the only one who understands common tongue, orders his weary compatriots to kill Pilin. Pilin rushes away, back towards the city, and the sahuagin don’t bother to follow, considering him a waste of their time.


Pilin Spree

Laica Pilin travels in the night whilst his compatriots slumber.

First he travels to the burnt remnants of The Maiden’s Vengeance. Speaking at length with the bartender, he learns of the man’s past life, and is given a magic bow that the bartender once used in exchange for a remnant of the old adventurer’s life. The bow given is referred to as Liv’s Shatterbow, as it supposedly once belonged to the old man’s wife, long ago.

Having set off his purpose for a day, Pilin returns to the smith’s shop in the merchant district in the dead of night. Originally supposing to sneak in and steal arrows, Pilin realizes that he is less successful than he would rather be and grabs what he can in the melee that is his escape from city guardsmen.

Pilin returns to the Investigator headquarters and finds a quest outside the city to do in an attempt to lie low. Belladone wakes and questions Pilin regarding the night’s activities, and obtains very little information. Pilin rushes outside the city gates and takes shelter in the forest for the night.

In the morning, the Investigators remaining at headquarters are approached by a merchant who requests that they investigate a man who claims to be able to make Gyfraith style concrete, but using powdered unicorn horn.

Greyhaunt Investigator
First day on the job! #JarLife

Commanded by his deity to protect the city, the red robed drow is asked by the Warden to join the trio who he once opposed. The drow says that he’ll consider it, but promptly leaves to buy oil so that he may burn down The Maiden’s Vengeance. Having bought the oil he then goes behind the vengeance and lights fire to it.

The trio is escorted to the Greyhaunt Investigator outpost within the city, where the clerk lets them know that an expeditionary force from the Investigators is about to go and seek out the Ravager force, citing multiple reports of Ravager scouting activity. The trio is hired as full members of the Investigators to manage the affairs of the office while the rest of the Investigators are out against the Ravagers. The clerk trains them each in manners of the office for an hour before retrieving the talking head in a jar from the basement vault to serve as their guide and mentor while he is away.

It does not take long for the “mentor” to lose all illusion of grandeur and be allured by the prospect of Carne (alcohol).

Meanwhile, The Maiden’s Vengeance has been burning. Attempts are made to put out the fire but the it soon grows to be out of control and consumes the entire building, turning it all into rubble and ash by the time that the trio (plus their talking Jarhead) is there. From the ashes rise four monstrous vampiric spiders, as well as the night bartender, a vampire himself. After some quick investigation and forensic magic the Drow is determined to be the culprit, and is brought before the court once again and sentenced to community service, to serve alongside the trio.

Red V. Green continued

Immediately following the shot to the thigh (a missed shot at the knee) both parties, the drow in red and the archer in green, exeunt from the scene of the crime. Pilin attempts to scale a wall while the drow seeks out the city guard. Lee, the guardsman among the trio, also goes to the guard. Pilin, while running away, attempts but fails to scale a wall. After a short time, a group of guardsmen comes near and Pilin goes with them to the nearest barracks. Both the drow and Pilin are locked in prison for the night while Lee is out getting the venison from the Maiden’s Vengeance and bringing Belladone to the barracks as well.

Witnesses gathered and evidence retrieved, the city guard brings the crime to trial the following morning before the Baroness Liora Vindicta, as well as her youngest children, Monica and Michael Vindicta.

- excerpt from the trial of Red v. Green -

Accuser gives testimony

Accused gives testimony

Evidence brought forth (keen arrow, questioning why green had such an arrow)

Questioning the sobriety of the accused

Oathtakers brought forth.

Belladone takes oath in favor of Green.

Guardsman Lee takes oath in favor of Green

Questioning the sobriety of the Guardsman Lee

unbiased report of the Speaker of the Guard brought forth, stipulations involved recognized.

Examination of Accused calls actions into question.

Examination of Belladone calls his placement into question

No examination of Guardsman Lee, considered to be waste of time

Attorney Drone under the employ of Greyhaunt Investigators examines Accuser, calls reasoning behind accusers actions into questions, and attempts to make evidence less substantial.

Monica Vindicta in favor of Green

Michael Vindicta in favor of Red

Liora Vindicta in favor of Green

Green is released from custody

Red is told to speak to Warden regarding employment options


Red v. Green
Venison, Denial, and Blood Red Robes

Whilst returning from the house where Captain Thorne hosted her auditions for whatever reason, Pilin sees a deer and slays it in a single shot. The carcass is prepared for travel and the trio daydreams of eating Venison tonight.

Once within the city (after an encounter with a less than desirable guard who chooses to favor the wrong tavern) the trio seeks out the Greyhaunt Investigator headquarters. In front of the headquarters, however, is a mob of wealthy merchants complaining about the taxes being levied to pay for the Greyhaunt and its adventurers, claiming that there isn’t sufficient threat for the Greyhaunt to be necessary. After some convincing, the mob finally relents.

The trio speaks with the presiding clerk about the events which transpired in the forest and discovers some information regarding the mysterious Captain Mariel Thorne. The Clerk, seeming worried, tells the trio to return in the morning for the possibility of more work, and directs the trio to The Maiden’s Vengeance to sell the carcass and have it made into food for their weary bodies.

Those who normally frequent The Vengeance are missing when the trio arrives. Some small negotiations are held between the bartender, an expert butcher and chef, and Pilin, resulting in a happy arrangement for all. Having been told the the Venison would take some time to prepare, Pilin leaves the establishment and sees a humanoid wearing robes the color of blood. Pilin wastes no time in calling out to him and promptly leaving.

Pilin leaves, and unbeknownst to him, the robed man follows, who is also unaware that Lee (the guardsman) and Belladone are following him. Just before going about his robbing business, Pilin notices the robed man, a Drow elf. The two have a stare-off, each party inching closer throughout, before Pilin knocks an arrow and fires it into the robed drow’s thigh.

Confusion at its best

Captain Mariel Thorne seems to be more perplexing than first anticipated. Claiming that the trio is in her debt she sets loose her remaining henchgoblins, now better armored and prepared, upon them. The fight is fierce, Laica Pilin having been severely injured by a single wound from Thorne’s rapier, Brand.

After some time, the final goblins are dispatched with, and Thorne informs the trio that she won’t be able to set sail for another week now, being in need of a crew, and being forbidden the use of the trio in her crew by some strange entity. Instead Thorne delivers the trio a puzzle, one which is promptly solved, giving the Gladius “Brilliance” to Belladone.

Pilin, however, searched through the home, and found various items, items which may tell a story yet unheard by the bar. The trio begins to set off back to Porthladd Masnach.

"Oh, hello there."

Having obtained a rudimentary map from the goblin chieftain, the trio finally leaves the goblin encampment. On the path back, however, the trio is ambushed. Despite Belladone’s best efforts, he finds that killing is far easier than it would seem to be.
After the ambush two goblins are left alive, though barely, and sitting in a puddle made mostly from their own blood. On the goblins the trio finds a far more advanced map, outlining all of the necessary details about each goblin encampment and giving directions to the residence where the captain is holding trials.
Upon arrival at the residence, the trio finds it to be an old home that was unfortunately affected by the chaos of Hunllef. Stepping up to the household the trio is stopped by a tripwire, many tripwires, in fact, which connect to a bell. While at first bamboozled, the trio determines a method to disable the alarming trap (there were fancy acrobatics involved).
The tripwire dealt with, the hapless trio ventures forth to the residence and examines it carefully, discovering the locations of each goblin (as far as they can tell) before a precision strike. Three of the four goblins are quickly dealt with, while the fourth runs from the room and into another. Entering the room, the trio is surprised to discover a human woman, the captain, inside with another goblin. The captain, unperturbed, simply says, “Oh, hello there.”

Nice Axe!
Axe Body-Spray (also known as blood)

Ravagers defeated, the trio examines the area, finding very little save the cart full of woolen textiles. Just before taking a full rest, the trio discovers a peculiar axe on one of the Ravagers. Crudely engraved into the flats of the blades is the word Hypocrite, and when hefted by the guardsman it glows with an eerie ruby-red light.
After resting the trio brings the cart back to Porthladd Masnach (sans-equine, the horse being eaten by the Ravagers) and gives it to the frenzied man they encountered earlier that day in exchange for a map which leads to an old, old armory. Once paid at The Maiden’s Vengeance, and having sold the spare great-axes, the trio leaves town once more in search of Goblin encampments.
Upon finding the encampment the trio is greeted by an elderly goblin chieftain. He tells them of why the goblins are so numerous of late, citing “try-outs” from a captain woman bearing a “shiny” rapier, and points the trio in what he recalls is the right direction. When the trio leaves, he grants them a word of warning, “Not all goblin tribes are so peaceful, be careful!”


The trio seeks out Mary Gasket, the woman crying out to all who will listen that Ravagers are coming to Porthladd Masnach. Mary regales her tale of how she saw an encampment of Ravagers while approaching, and the trio only really listens once she mentions that she’ll pay them just for checking (how foolish the ignorant are). The trio then proceeds to visit the Greyhaunt Investigators to determine if there are any worthwhile bounties to seek out while outside the city. The Investigators tell the trio of a large gathering of Goblins and assigns them to work on the bounty.
Once outside the city gates, the trio travels for a spell before they encounter a farmer, pleading for help and assistance, asking the trio to rescue his cart of woolen textiles. Having determined that the Ravagers may actually be near, the trio sets off to obtain the cart of goods and finds a small encampent where three Ravagers sit around the fire. Both Belladone and Pilin take to the trees while the guardsman waits in the shadows for the Ravagers to come near, and then they strike.
The Ravagers are not so easily defeated, however, and all their efforts have yet to be successful in saving themselves from this encounter.


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