Dinas Porthladd Masnach


Red V. Green continued

Immediately following the shot to the thigh (a missed shot at the knee) both parties, the drow in red and the archer in green, exeunt from the scene of the crime. Pilin attempts to scale a wall while the drow seeks out the city guard. Lee, the guardsman among the trio, also goes to the guard. Pilin, while running away, attempts but fails to scale a wall. After a short time, a group of guardsmen comes near and Pilin goes with them to the nearest barracks. Both the drow and Pilin are locked in prison for the night while Lee is out getting the venison from the Maiden’s Vengeance and bringing Belladone to the barracks as well.

Witnesses gathered and evidence retrieved, the city guard brings the crime to trial the following morning before the Baroness Liora Vindicta, as well as her youngest children, Monica and Michael Vindicta.

- excerpt from the trial of Red v. Green -

Accuser gives testimony

Accused gives testimony

Evidence brought forth (keen arrow, questioning why green had such an arrow)

Questioning the sobriety of the accused

Oathtakers brought forth.

Belladone takes oath in favor of Green.

Guardsman Lee takes oath in favor of Green

Questioning the sobriety of the Guardsman Lee

unbiased report of the Speaker of the Guard brought forth, stipulations involved recognized.

Examination of Accused calls actions into question.

Examination of Belladone calls his placement into question

No examination of Guardsman Lee, considered to be waste of time

Attorney Drone under the employ of Greyhaunt Investigators examines Accuser, calls reasoning behind accusers actions into questions, and attempts to make evidence less substantial.

Monica Vindicta in favor of Green

Michael Vindicta in favor of Red

Liora Vindicta in favor of Green

Green is released from custody

Red is told to speak to Warden regarding employment options



I’d have thought “sobriety” would have been a better word than “soberness.”

Also THAT SNAKE PICTURE! That is hilarious!


I’m one of the few people who can say that my honesty (or at least my lie about my honesty) was upheld by a snake! A snake, of all things!


And my Attorney Drone die. I love my lawyer die.


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